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A hybrid first and second edition PbP game of Changeling the Lost set in Las Vegas. I'm bad at descriptions and this is a private game anyway so that's all you get.


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    Playing to the Beat: Earning Experiences and You


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    Playing to the Beat: Earning Experiences and You

    Post by Admin on Thu Jul 07, 2016 2:15 pm

    While this is included in the resources I thought it would be pertinent to share this system here as well.

    How do I advance and grow as a character?
    By spending Experiences on improving your character!

    How do I get Experiences?
    For every Five Beats you earn One Experience! You can track Beats and Experience on your character sheet and on your posts.

    How do I earn Beats?
    You earn a Beat whenever you do one of the following:

    -Fulfill an Aspiration. (at the end of that Chapter you replace it with a new Aspiration)

    -Resolving a Condition. Conditions are situational status effects and each have their own method of resolving. Some Conditions also give you Beats when they prove to be meaningful handicaps, even if they aren't resolved in making things difficult for you.

    -When you would normally fail a roll you can opt to make it a Dramatic Failure instead. You can only do this once a Chapter.

    -If you take Lethal damage in at least one of your last three Health boxes.

    -At the end of a Chapter (this one may vary a bit).

    -Any time your character risks a Breaking Point (risks your mental well-being a.k.a. your Clarity).

    -Exceptional or Creative roleplay

    -If you allow your promise to be made a magical bond (a Sealing). You can only do this once a Chapter.

    -When an Oath you've sworn causes you a significant setback or inconvenience. You can only do this once a Chapter.

    -When you spend at least one scene of time and energy working towards fulfilling a magical deal made with a mortal (a Bargain). You can only do this once a Story arc.

    Important Note: You can only gain one Beat from a specific source per Scene. You can, however, gain multiple Beats in a scene so long as they each have different sources.

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