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A hybrid first and second edition PbP game of Changeling the Lost set in Las Vegas. I'm bad at descriptions and this is a private game anyway so that's all you get.


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    Aspen- Once Upon A Time


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    Aspen- Once Upon A Time

    Post by Admin on Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:58 pm

    Chapter One, or Red Riding Hood and the Broken Crown

       It was a noisy night. The air downtown was humming with the energy of hundreds of parties, countless people ready to make all sorts of wonderfully terrible life choices. It was exactly the sort of night the Queen had wanted for one of her parties. You had served under the rule of Queen Vi-V8 for a little while now and she still couldn't quite be pinned down. She was either a political genius tricking her rivals and followers into seeing her as a party obsessed gearhead, or a dim but earnest leader governing through charismatic personality. The truth was probably somewhere in the middle but she's still just as inscrutable to you as the day you signed up for the Clubs court.

       Either way she did through a hell of a lot of parties, no denying that. They might be court events, sure, but it's not like you had to attend these if you didn't want to. You usually had a good enough time to make it worth it though, you never know where you'll find a new story for yourself and "The Moonshot" was as good a place to start as any. The three-floored nightclub had a smooth, modern look to it and there was already quite a crowd of changelings and mortals alike here for the nightlife. How is it you'll enjoy yourself tonight?

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